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from the Villa Assisted Living Care Team

Checklist of Considerations for Assisted Living Care

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What to Consider

Health. Has your health changed recently? Have you had an illness or a fall? Have you been slow to
recover from a recent illness like the flu? Have you developed a chronic illness that requires more
medicine, care, or a change of your routine?

Daily tasks. Is maintaining the house getting to be a bit too much? Are sweeping, mopping, lawn
maintenance, and even grocery shopping becoming harder to do? Is it harder to go up and down the
stairs in your home? Do you find yourself skipping some previously routine tasks
that now never seem to get accomplished?

Safety. In an emergency, is there someone
nearby to help you? If there was a fire, flood or disaster, are you able to get to safety? If you
fell or had a medical emergency do you and your
loved ones have a plan?

Medication Management. Is your medicine on schedule? Do you accidentally skip
doses or double up on a medicine? Are you current on your medical appointments and screenings? Do
you have transportation to and from appointments?

Finances. Are you comfortable handling the bills and financial decisions?

Transportation. Are you able to get to your appointments safely? Are you comfortable driving? Do other drivers honk or speed around you? Have you had a fender-bender recently? Are you no longer driving and maintaining your own vehicle, and do you find yourself isolated or
inconveniencing others as a result.

Lifestyle. Are you enjoying all of your favorite activities? Are you spending time with friends?
Enjoying worship? Getting out of the house and having new experiences?

Is it Time for a New Home?

Our Interactive Checklist Can Help You Get Started!


Senior Living Worksheet – click here

Use this checklist for discussion with your family.

Your well-being, safety, and quality of life are important Is it time to have a discussion with your family?


To receive a personal complimentary assessment of your current living situation, your health, safty and lifestyle needs, call  Executive Directors Patricia Torres at 361-991-3252 or Tonda Johnson 361-242-9446 or

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