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Call Villa of Corpus Christi your ‘Home’

We understand that the decision to leave your home can be emotional and difficult. The decision can be a lot easier when you go to a place that is friendly and meets your needs for community, safety, and lifestyle.

At The Villas of Corpus Christi, we are one big family. That is why so many of our care team has been with us for many years. Our team is warm and caring. We enjoy long-tenured staff, and long-tenured patients. Every day we enjoy great conversations and activities. We encourage each other to stay active and engaged. We have a few laughs too!

Our communities are designed with a home-like feel that is maintenance and worry-free. The Villas of Corpus Christi are affordable, quality residence options in the city that you love. The Villas have also been under private ownership for 20 years.

My mother has been living at Villa South for over a year. She was unhappy and lonely living alone. The staff goes above and beyond to keep her happy and active. They keep a close eye on her and her health. She is always smiling and happy to stay there when I leave. They made the transition a very smooth and easy process. I could not have done this without their help.

Jerilyn Cordova

Daughter of Resident

I have been a nurse for 22 years and wish I had known about Villa South when my Grandma was still alive. The staff there are very caring and the residents are well cared for!!!!!!

Tammy W. S.


Kind words

We are proud of our community but don’t just take our word for it. Villa South has been voted best of senior living by for two consecutive years. Both of our properties are also rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau. And we think the words of our happy residents tell the story way better than we can. Click the reviews above to read what people love about Villa South.

Senior Living Award



Stewardship Award

Stewardship is an ethic that embodies the careful and responsible management of resources entrusted to one’s care. The Bible makes several references to “good stewardship” as an ideal, and a source of honor.

At Quilted Care, we appreciate the “Guardian Angels” who make special efforts to protect and enrich the lives of members of our communities. Good Stewardship takes the ideals of Guardian Angels to a higher level. Good Stewardship requires not only a good heart and extra efforts but also special skills and temperament, wisely applied, consistently, over a long period of time.

Each Executive Director is called upon to be a Good Steward for their community. You are entrusted with the careful and responsible management of all the elements of your community simultaneously. You are asked to ensure that residents are given “warmth and comfort,” safety, and good value. You are asked to ensure that staff members are appreciated, given a good work environment and compensated fairly. You are asked to ensure that the community maintains high occupancy and a sufficient profit to sustain reinvestment and growth. You are asked to protect the property, the reputation and brand value of your community.

Few people have the skills to be successful in the role of an Executive Director, and fewer still also have the energy, and the right temperament needed for success as a Good Steward. Temperament is important. It takes kindness and patience to listen to unreasonable demands made by residents, families or staff and then respond with a respectful “here’s what we can do,” which understands the needs of the whole community. Good Stewards understand that heavy-handedness or self-promotion can get in the way of building trust with residents or building a team of staff members who work well together. Good Stewards are able to put the community members ahead of themselves in order to guide the community to successes.

The Stewardship Award recognizes an Executive Director who best demonstrates the effective leadership of a Good Steward, who honors the trust placed in them to assure their community is well protected. well served, and successful.

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A community for where you are now, and for changing needs in the future. 

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