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List of Assisted Living Services Provided to Seniors

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List of Services Offered in Assisted Living

View a list of services seniors receive in assisted living that enhance their independence and quality of life. These daily supportive services and activities benefit seniors, keeping them healthy, active and independent.

Villa Assisted Living provides reminders to optimize medication use. This is the #1 benefit provided by our staff that helps keep seniors safe, active and healthy.

Villa is a social setting that makes it easy to connect with new friends over breakfast or lunch.

Villa staff handles meals, from planning to dishes.

Villa promotes easy indoor walks from apartments to dining and activities that help residents stay physically active, in a safe environment.

Villa provides planned activities that include mental stimulation, social engagement, exercise and education

Villa provides private apartments that are comfortable places for some quiet time of rest and relaxation.

Villa staff clean your bathrooms, vacuum your carpets, scrub your kitchenette, do your laundry, and take out the trash.

Villa staff will handle all the home repairs and yard work.

Villa staff can help you remember your doctor’s appointments and take you there.

Villa staff can help you safely take a shower, get dressed and get ready to enjoy the day.

Villa staff keep a gentle eye out for your safety and wellbeing, giving peace of mind to your family.

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